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Recliners, Riser Recliners, Swivel Chairs at Linden Furniture

At Linden Furniture in Dundee there are some things that we can to do to help find the right chair for you. We have a great range of recliners that come in different sizes to help us find the best fitting seat for you. We have different designs and a big choice of fabrics and leathers so we can find a recliner that will fit into your home, and of course we have beautiful settees to match the recliners. We specialise in trying to find comfortable furniture that is beautiful to look at but under that skin is a well made frame and years of life built into it.


At Linden Furniture in Dundee we also have a great range of swivel recliners that either have footstools to give you total relaxation or you can choose from the wonderful Sitbest range from Norway that has a space saving leg rest action that performs the same function. Again there is a choice of style and size so you can be confident that you’ll find a chair that is comfortable and will also look good in your home. All the chairs and sofas can be covered in fabric or leather.


We also have a comprehensive range of riser/recliner chairs and sofas to match them. There’s no longer any need to feel that because you need a chair to help your mobility it has to look like you live in a hospital. Celebrity Motion Furniture make different sizes of chairs to help customers to find the right riser/recliner. These chairs are made in Britain and have a 5 year guarantee for the motors and the frames.


Come along and sit in as many chairs as you want and take as long as you want to make sure that you’ve found YOUR chair.

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